About US

We are a Non-Governmental Organization, working with people in India
for a nation free from poverty, illiteracy, injustice and various potential social issue.

Our strategic priorities are children, youth and women whose rights should get protected and utilized by them to achieve their full potential and lead a sustainable dignified life and contribute in nation's progress. It will continue to advocate the voice of deprived & vulnerable children, youth & women to transform the life of rural India. We have more than 20K direct and indirect beneficiaries in India across state Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal

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Vision & Mission

To make an egalitarian society where everyone can live a dignified and respectable life.
To develop a healthy society where people will be educated, healthy, and self-reliant in all respects
so that they can provide better quality of life to their children.




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6 to 14 years


15 to 21 years


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  • Mr. Paul Frank Brown, Nationl Director ChildFund New Zealand

    Thank you for this wonderful visit to Parivar Vikas. The transformation you have created is incredible. I hope I can return to the mango tree forest. Kia Kaha…. Forever Strong

    Mr. Paul Frank Brown, Nationl Director ChildFund New Zealand
  • Mr. Digvijay Singh (14 November 1955 – 24 June 2010)

    This organisation is doing unbelievable work and it gives lots of strength to those who wish to do voluntary work. NGO of this nation should take it as example. When man is lost, it is others’ good works which keeps him alive. In such a poverty-full area, this organisation is able create confidence among people. I wish all the best for this organisation.

    Mr. Digvijay Singh (14 November 1955 – 24 June 2010), Former Minister of External Affairs, Govt. of India
  • Mrs. Catherine Davis, Sponsor from Australia

    This is an amazing place. I was so impressed by all the projects. I was shown not only do you provide food and clothing for the many poor but you take time to me and develop their natural talents. ……I heard the breath taking voice of a boy at the children’s clubs I visited. I hope you will always be able to bring up this development of talents.

    Mrs. Catherine Davis, Child Sponsor from Australia.
  • CAPART, Patna

    It gives me immense pleasure after visiting the organisation and nearby sites. Here, there is lots of scope for working in different areas. And this organisation has great potential to work for the development of people of the area. I wish the organisation very best for the future.

    Mr Arbind Thakur, YP CAPART RC, Patna, Bihar