Success Story

Journey from child news proper to junior Jagran

Banjhulia is one of the targets Village of Parivar Vikas. This Village is situated at a distance of 10 Km from the project office & around 30 Km from the district headquarter. The Village is inhabited by other Backward Class committee like Paswan, Potter and Mahadalit community. The main sources of livelihood of these communities are laboring and doing agricultural work on their small pieces of land. There are 110 families in the Village. 67 children are enrolled under the sponsorship program. Hritik Kumar is one of the child who live in the village with his father Rajesh Paswan mother is Rekha Devi, two brothers Named Roshan &Rahul. He was also enrolled under the program.

Rajesh Paswan is one of the target families of the Organization under the Child fund India Program. The economies condition of the family was very poor. There are five members in the family. So it was very tough time for Rajesh Paswan to provide better education and other developmental support to the child. At the same he has to fulfill the family need. So most of the time family works on daily wages in addition to looking after small civilization work to maintain the family. Hritik is enrolled under the program having case no-245. At that time he was unable to read Hindi frequently. Most of the time he was cut off from his friends and keep distance from them.
In the family his parents are not well educated, so they don’t give much attention on the education of the child. So Hritik was not getting proper educational guidance from the family. The lack of educational environment created less interest in the child to get proper education. As several children and families covered under the sponsorship program, the project initiated several programs in the village. Regular meetings are organized to building capacity of the parent on the issue of the importance of the child education, Right to education and other developmental aspects.


Children are encouraged to form their child Club. Ultimately Jai Maa Sharda child club formed in the village in which Hritik was also one of the members. The child club oriented regularly on need and importance of education. He was motivated and encouraged to participate in competition Quiz and other events. Gradually his confidence level increased. He actively taking part in events organized by the project. He developed Child News paper for their child club and started to write issue based small poems for the Club. In this way; he started participating the program actively. He leads his Club in all respect.

One day when the project staff Mr. Raneet Panday community Mobilizer and Mr. Kapildev Yadav LS-2 Coordinator were conducting the child club meeting. All members requested Hritik to present his little poems and jokes. They were surprised to know what amazing change took place in the life of Hritik. Previously he remains like to cut off from his friends. Now he is surrounded by them most of the time. They suggested and helped him to publish his jokes and poems in daily Newspaper “DAINIK JAGRAN” in which special 4 papers are dedicated to children as “JUNIOR JAGRAN”. He was very happy to see that his jokes and poems have been published and many of the children have read it.

He continued his practiced to write the poems. After one month when Mr. Kapildev asked him in this regard. He showed a note book in which several small poems are drafted based on various situations. He is very thankful to his sponsor Mrs. Pooja Sharma, project and child Fund India for their connection suppers and encouragement .Now he is fully confident and can participate & share their views at any platform with any platform without any hesitation. Hritik wants to continue these types of practices in future.

In the opinion of his father Mr. Rajesh Paswan, “I thank to child Fund and Parivar Vikas for bringing my child at this stage”. I was not able to provide him better care if ChildFund India & Parivar Vikas couldn’t come forward to help him. Thank a lot………….