Success Story

Sincere effort and proper guidance is key to success in life

Shailendra Kumar was one of formerly enrolled child under the sponsorship program of ChildFund. He is living in village Guguldih of Jumui district of Bihar province. He is son of Sri Dhirenda Singh & Nirmala Devi. His mother is now not alive. The village is far away from district headquarters. During the period of 1990-95, the area/village was deprived from all sorts of basic facilities like proper communication, education, health and others. People were not fully aware on the importance of education; so very few families dare to provide education facilities to their children. Shailendra’s family was also one of them.

He was enrolled under the program at the age of 8 years in grade III in 1994 under ChildFund India under ParivarVikas project. Later on he got sponsor who supported him up to 2004. Through he never got DFC but sponsor sends letter regularly which encouraged him a lot. He was very sharp minded & intelligent student in the class.

His father is a small farmer having very small piece of infertile land. The family got inadequate returns from agriculture and there were no any alternative sources of livelihood except laboring for the maintenance of the family. So they were very struggling for fulfilling the family needs & educating children. He has two sisters named at Soni Kumari and Madhumita Kumari. Both are younger to shailendra and his sisters to get good education.

After enrollment under the program he got all sorts of educational support from the project like school uniforms, stationery and others. In addition to this the family got loan for their livelihood enhancement and agriculture inputs. The family utilized it properly for the benefit of children. The sponsor’s letter and their suggestions encouraged to study well. The project staffs were also in closed contact with child and their family. They regularly motivate and appreciate the child. He stood first division in Matriculation Board examination in 2002. Then in year 2004 he completed +2 i.e. XII education. He was very laborious student.

In 2004-2006 year, he worked in Parivar Vikas as coaching teacher for two years and taught student of Grade IX & X in science subject. Then he completed entrance examination of ITI (Industrial Training Institute) of Govt. and took admission in it. He completed this course in year of 2007-2009.

He was always in touch with project and its staff. The project initiated process of forming youth club in the area. He come forward for this and became active member of EXCELLENCE Youth club in his village where youths regularly come and prepare for competitive examination. Shailendra guides them to solving mathematics and science related problems. At the same time he was also preparing own competitive examination.

His ambition was to get a Govt. Job. He has completed recently railway examination and jointed as Loco pilot in 1st April, 2013 rail division in Shikandrabaad.

He was very happy. His father is now a proud man who fulfills his dream. When he returns from his duty he guides club members. As a result of these 4 youths completed preliminary examination of different services.

Shailendra is very thankful to ChildFund India, Parivar Vikas project & its staffs who regularly inspired make them capable to attain the goal. A lot of thanks to ChildFund India and Parivar Vikas