Success Story

Nibha is sister of Sponsored child Karan Kumar Case No. – 428. She has two sisters, she is youngest in sister. Her elder sister is Jhumjhum and brothers are Karan and Chotu. She belongs to General class family. The family entirely depends on her father.

The family was enjoying their good days with the family members but the year 2004 was very distressful for them. Her father lost his life in a Road accident: who was only earning members and bread earner for the family. He was maintaining the family by working privately in a firm. After the death of her father bad period of families started. It was very tough time for all family members. At that time Nibha was studying in Grade – VIII. Her two younger brothers were studying in Grade V and Grade III respectively. The life of all family members stopped for the time being as all were upset due to this incidence.
Parivar Vikas was working in the village with a Local Partner; under this Nibha Got 6 months training in tailoring and embroidery. She becomes skilled in it. Seeing her potential the organization appointed her to train other children in tailoring and supported financially by providing her honorarium.

This support has helped her a lot. At that time she took strong decision to educate her two little brother. She wills not marry till the graduation of her brothers. In addition to providing tailoring training to other girls, she provided tuition to some other children at home.
She got success in completing Graduation of her both brothers and also completed her intermediate education. Since then she is maintaining the family and not married yet. Now she has become 29 years old. Her effort towards the family is well appreciated by Local Media Dainik Jagran and a well reputed Dr. Niraj Sah. She supported her with a token gift of Rs. 50000.00 and assured to provide all sorts of health services and education support to her family.