Livelihood and Economic Enhancement Programme (LEEP)

To enhance the economic status of the families, this project is introduced on the belief if basic economic condition of the families improves, the families will be able to take proper care of their children. Once this is done, the families will be able to provide developmental support to their children like fooding, clothing, education, health, housing, etc. The activity is being taken up with most deprived communities: SCs, STs, OBCs and minorities. The main sources of livelihood for these communities are agriculture, laboring and bidi-making.

The organisation is focusing on two areas under LEEP: Ensuring food grains throughout the year, and ensuring annual family income of Rs 18,000 up to Rs 24,000.

Efforts are underway to develop irrigation resources like lift irrigation channels, wells, ahars, etc., as these are very successful and feasible in the area. In addition, the organisation is working for women empowerment through SHGs. So far 128 SHGs with a total membership of 1,499 and total savings of INR 18, 91,500 have been formed. A federation has been formed by the SHG to facilitate the activities at project level.

Since 2006-07, the organisation is working towards creating awareness on National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) so the people can get 100 days' job.

Family surviving on Poultry Farm

The organisation is working continuously for developing irrigation resources like life irrigation channels, wells, canals, etc. In addition the organisation is working hard for women empowerment through SHGs. It has formed a federation of SHGs to facilitate the activities at project level. Various training programmes are being organised for the strengthening and self-dependence of these SHGs.

Since 2006-07, organisation is working hard to increase the awareness on NREGA, the programme being run by the government to provide employment to the rural people. Parivar Vikas is organizing awareness camps and providing information to the people on how to get 100 days job.

Livelihood Generation and Economic Enhancement

The economic status of the entire working area is low. The people are mostly dependent on the agriculture but most of the people have had to be work less more than half of the year. The organisation is working on several programs to enhance the economic status of the target community. The organisation has formed 34 SHG groups and a federation for the socio-economic enhancement of the women. The groups are being empowered with proper skills for income generation. They have been also supported financially by the organisation and further resources are being mobilized through DRDA/Banks.

Women farming Mushroom for her livelihood

Apart from the above, the organisation is also conducting skill development training such as driving, hand-pump repairing, bicycle repairing, mason, etc. for youths of the target community. Other types of support are also being provided; such as bamboo plantation for Turi community; whose main livelihood activity is bamboo related production.